What Motivates you?<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Tutorial 3864

What Motivates you?
Niedra Gabriel
Tutorial 3864

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I loved this video. Thank you so much for this wonderful content. As a teacher struggling with feelings of burnout, this helped me reconnect to my “Why,” and feel excitement about what’s possible.
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Niedra thank so much for this! I really loved your work as a teacher and I can say that I love this new initiative. For me it was a revelation to discover that whenever I was going through really rough times in my life I was thinking about becoming a Pilates teacher and it took me a looong time to take the plunge but it happened the right moment, in the right time, with the right teacher to teach me.
Answering your question also made me realise the self confidence issues I had and how teaching Pilates helped me build my confidence and feel great about myself.
And finally what is true for me is that Pilates is a magical way of exercise that helps you connect with yourself holistically and makes you feel that you have been meditating for hours and I want to share that with as many as possible! Thanks again!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you both Maria and Margaret , gaining clarity and focus on your own inner construct can help so much with both burn out and expansion.  I look forward to hearing about how your journey expands as you move through this course.
Okay...I'm hooked!  I will follow through with the tutorials.  It was my very first session that I knew I wanted to become a Pilates instructor.  I had a broken foot and was struggling as fare as were I wanted to take my movement career to the next level.  My husband thought I was crazy but trusted me and supported my decision to enter the Balanced Body Instructor training.  I'm two years in and now have an itty, bitty studio inside a bicycle store were I train cyclists and take their riding to the next level.  I love every minute I teach!  Even at 6a.m.
Niedra Gabriel
Catherine Bravo , keep sharing yoru journey with all of us. It will be great to witness your continued becoming more of what you already are..
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Thank Niedra for this workshop.  Timing is perfect - I'm definitely in a post-vacation slump myself. Students are thrilled to come back and I'm wondering if I'm up to the challenge of not disappointing them. I loved the reflection about how our style of teaching is linked to our first experience and how we attract what we preach. Many times I've been tempted to sell myself out to clients with different beliefs and expectations and felt that I failed when I couldn't deliver. I realize now that my 'failure' went much deeper and it was only because I didn't believe in what I was doing and it was not so much a failure as a subtle message to those clients that we were not a match. I often thought I couldn't teach to certain populations, but I'm starting to realize that I just don't want to - our objectives and expectations are different. Personal experience is so valuable when teaching. I'm anxious to continue with you...we all need a boost!
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Thank you for sharing Maria, I was struggling to drill down to the essence of my thoughts and your experience sounds very familiar to me! Thinking back, I too got drawn to Pilates during times of transition, although up until now I didn't even realize that. But one of the first things I noticed was how great it was for finding relief from stress and anxiety, so this was one of the first things I wrote down now.

Begin ning to understand how smart of an exercise system it is came much later, but it's very important to me now as well! It's interesting though that it's the "mind part" I tend to come back to, and I tend to look for classes also here on PA that have a strong focus on that - often working more slowly, but deeply.
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Hello Julia!
I’m happy I could help! While I was writing my answers I was surprised as well with the discoveries I had about myself. We all love what we do and I think our community keeps us going. We work with people trying to help them and we need all the support we can get. It gives me great joy that you related with me and you discovered your truth! Pilates is such a wonderful journey! 💕
Niedra Gabriel
sandyjgrant isn't it a relief to discover that you are not ideal for everyone? 
None of us is. consciously recognizing this and staying positive knowing what you stand firm on and what you believe about your service will make you powerful in your convictions and a much better confident teacher !  Keep going.
Niedra Gabriel
Julia R and Maria wonderful ladies, it seems you are sharing and interacting with each other! wonderful, having a buddy is the best way to do this!
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