What Motivates you?<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Tutorial 3864

What Motivates you?
Niedra Gabriel
Tutorial 3864

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I didn't know I needed this, but my spirit led me right to you! Answering these questions reawakened the passion I first felt when I decided to become a Pilates teacher. I just began teaching my first few classes, and this reinforcement is right on time. Looking forward to this new journey of teaching!
Niedra Gabriel
RuLea  Yes, yes, yes. 
Emily H
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This first class has worked wonders for reminding me of why I wanted to teach Pilates. I am feeling more inspired and motivated than ever. 
Niedra Gabriel
Emily H love your comment. well done. Your truth
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Just like with everything in life, I came up with your tutorial at the right time! At the perfect time! Answering these questions was a wonderful process thank you so much Niedra! I cannot wait for the next steps!
Niedra Gabriel
Maryliz P so glad you are finding this valuable. Please do keep sharing what your experience is and do the work recommended, it is all for you ...
Debbie C
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I have been teaching for a long time and this has been a great exercise to bring my motivation and foundation beliefs to the forefront of my mind again. 
Niedra Gabriel
Debbie C so happy to read this.  We all need to reconnect with what drives us as teachers when we do a career for a long time.  it keeps us fresh and real. 
Jelena W
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Hi Niedra! Loved this first course. I vividly remember the feeling of my first Pilates class, this feeling of alignment, grace and elegance. My teacher was a former ballerina, her beauty and ease of movement was so stunning, I wanted to be like her. I guess this really was my very first motivation (I was 20 by then). I never had dance lessons as a child, even though I dreamt of them. My parents found dancing frivilous. Now I'm 35, teaching mat lessons for beginners and intermediate. My clients come out of class, their faces all rosy and smooth. For me, Pilates is sheer beauty. 
Looking forward to the rest of the class! 
Niedra Gabriel
Jelena W your post brought a smile to my face.  This is such a powerful link you hold within you. The inspiration of your first teacher, and joyfully passing on the wisdom to your students.  wonderful !

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