Back Care Reformer
Tracey Mallett
Class 3868

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Love this workout! Just a quick question, in the footwork part, with the roller when I ponen de car I slide backwards (with de roller) so my shoulders  were  feeling  the compression with the edge  of the shoulder pads. I couldn’t do anything about that.... any suggestions? 
Thanks in advance 
Loved the class. I used the OOV instead of the foam roller. What a nice stretched feeling after the class. Thank you.
loved it!  tracy, your short workout are some of my favourites and i love that i can squeeze them into my busy day before kids, work and life!
I don't have a clue about what does it mean slinky, Iwill totally google translate that right now, but this class felt amazing after my entire day in front of the computer, thank you very much Tracey, loved the open frog !!!!!
Perfect !
I learned Booty Barre with Tracey Mallet in 2015, and she is the real deal...warmth, fun, and works soooo hard to give her class the best of what works and feels good.   This class, after 13 hours in ICU with PPE that suffocates and weighs me down - is PERFECT TONIC!!!! Thank you Friend!
Tracy thanks for this amazing class, I really feel taller :)
Loved this class, my back feels great. Thanks so much 
Love,Love, Love this class! 
Great instructions too!
Just what I needed today. Thanks!
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