Back Care Reformer<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 3868

Back Care Reformer
Tracey Mallett
Class 3868

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Eimear G
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Lovely class and ideas. Such a lovely backdrop and all the blues!  Iā€™m wondering how my clients would get on getting on and off roller on reformer! All in the detail, eh x
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great wake up for upper back....and everything connected to it!   Thank you
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LOVE LOVE LOVE this workout.  Perfect after a weekend of traveling and feeling tight.  I also LOVE your blue/pink combo, including the hand straps.  Nice touch.  Thank you for a wonderful workout.  Great way to start my week.  
Terrific workout for opening the front of the shoulder and strengthening the back and lateral lines!!! Absolutely what is  needed in our forward -focused culutre. The Lat/Serratus /Oblique connection is my favorite area to focus on. Thank you!
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Felt great afterwards..Always love your classes. Can't wait to use in my men's class for low back pain!
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Love the variety and great stretches for back extensors.
Wondering your thoughts if I used a 1/2 foamroller for the reformer?
Thank you again for a complete session under 30 minutes šŸ˜
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 The arms belong to the upper back. I love that! Thank you this was a good class. And I love these short yet effective sessions! 
Renae Yes, absolutely!! Thank YOU!
Kelly YAY! thank you 
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