Putting your Vision Together<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Tutorial 3880

Putting your Vision Together
Niedra Gabriel
Tutorial 3880

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Niedra, this workshop has been incredible! As if by magic, I've had an opportunity presented to me that I would never have thought possible. I'm now working in a brand-new environment where the things that I was envisioning are actually taking place and I fully believe that I am well on my way to progressing toward my vision.

For 6 months: I'm making £800/wk through a mix of teaching mat and equipment classes as well as workshops - and I know perfectly well how to manage my money, to tell it where to go and how to work for me(!) rather than the other way around, which is how it has always been. I'm building an online presence so I don't have to physically be present to earn money and so I can eventually include some travel in my work. I'm feeling empowered (managing a studio?) and I am helping others to find their own version of empowerment through the work that I do.  These are the words that describe me: professional, confident, strong/resilient.
Niedra Gabriel
I love this Andrea ! you are so on it.. Having vision makes magic happen. Keep those visions coming and watch the world around dance with you.... Bravo!
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Niedra, thank you for inspiring us. I now have a vision board and  will tick things off as they become part of my real life, and keep adding to it as my dreams develop.  3 of my vision board 6 month goals are to 1) organize 3 teacher network sessions at my studio for the local Pilates teachers who I currently teach -  plus some whom I don’t yet! 2) To buy some sound panels/ soft furnishings to make my studio less echo-ey - hard floors and Pilates equipment don’t absorb sound well) and 3) to ensure I schedule my Pilates workouts in my diary - it was my love of the method that started my teacher training many years ago and I need to diary in my own practice to ensure self care. I love that my work does not ( as you said) feel like work- but just what I should be doing. Off to decorate my vision board with smiley faces!! 
Niedra Gabriel
Caroline B You can add my smiling face to your decorations.  I love your goals and how you are creating a physical reminder to keep inspiring you. Keep in your own practices, you will stay happy and inspired. 
Flavia D
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the whole course has been brilliant and amazingly helpful, I hope I will be good at keeping all that I learnt and envisioned with me.
In 6 months, I will have my small studio in London, a beautiful bright space with equipment where people can feel good and empowered; I ll be able to afford to take the training I really want to and help people even better; mostly,my life will be true to my real self and balanced, with time for myself and just the right number of working hours to put my 150% into it, with enthusiasm and passion and professionalism :) Thank you, Niedra!
Niedra Gabriel
Flavia Lovely vision. Put it up there in written or visual form to keep you focused. Figure out the cost of the training you would like to take as well as what your rates will be with clients  for that 150% delivery to clients. I hear that Pilates is a high priced sell in London so you are part of a affulent community willing to pay for this service. I am sure you will be a success. Keep taking one step at a time.
Laura E
This was just what I needed right now, thank you for this inspiring video! I drew a vision board a few days back so this has helped me to clarify more detail. I need to remind myself things don't just happen over night but small steps everyday (like you mentioned) will get me there. In the next month I am about to take my pre and post natal pilates exam which I am very excited about. Teaching this is a part of my 6month -1year plan. Thank you x
Niedra Gabriel
Laura well done, I love reading your post.   Yes, one step at a time, and in a year you will look back wiht great satisfaction and with more clarity about your future.
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Dear Niedra, thank you very much for this wonderful journey! It just happened at the right time. I have been going through a big change in my life in the last two years! Started with a big creative, work and personal crises. I always knew, things happen for a reason and without the uncomfortable experience I would have not changed so many aspects of my life.I would have not reflected or asked myself why I am doing things like I am doing them. Or why is this happening! My life worked pretty good, till this certain point in my life. With the support of my family, who always believed in me as an artist and in my work and with a fantastic coach I made myself stronger and started for the first time to understand what was going on. Your course added and accomplished everything! How beautiful is that! I will visit my dreams often and I am more than thankful! 🙏
Niedra Gabriel
Jutta I thank you for sharing your journey so openly.  Personal and Life growth is not necessarily easy, BUT, essential to gain momentum on becoming and living in alignment with the real you.   I applaud you for all that you went through, Keep on going.  Please do post and share how this work has also expanded your career over time.
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