Putting your Vision Together<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Tutorial 3880

Putting your Vision Together
Niedra Gabriel
Tutorial 3880

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Niedra, I will let you know, how my journey continues! It is truly an exciting time. Thank you!
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Dearest Niedra,
Thank you for such a inspiring course of videos. I am in the process of studying to become a Pilates instructor and your videos have come at just the right time to keep me focused and plan my vision. Thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
Manda What a great time to be doing this course as you move through y9ur training to become a teacher. Makes me happy, as the training probably does not include the vision and business side of being a teacher.  Please do post about your progress and insights.
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Dear Niedra, I promised you to let you know how my journey continues. In September, I start my MTTC at BASI Pilates here in Germany. After a lot of research on different programs, talking to many experienced Pilates people, watching videos on Pilates anytime...etc. I knew one day, that BASI seems to be the most fitting for me. I am very much looking forward to this new journey, I am very excited and curious and ready to get challenged. I will always remember how it started...by participating your program...Thank you so much!!!
Niedra Gabriel
Jutta what a lovely post to read tonight. I am so happy for you, you did your research thoroughly and are ready now for the start of a new adventure. I am sure you will grow, learn be challenged and become a wonderful unique teacher.   Thank you for filling me on on what your plans are. sending you much success 
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