Release with the Egg Ball<br>Mary Bowen<br>Tutorial 3884

Release with the Egg Ball
Mary Bowen
Tutorial 3884

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Thanks for sharing your interesting story, wisdom, awareness of authentic self. Love your perspective re: connecting to our earth -animal consciousness, "The body knows how to behave (from its soul) its waiting for you to behave better towards it." So true! Always listen with your heart.
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Thank you so much Mary!!! You are so wonderful to share your insights and experiences. This has always been a few of my clients favorite releases.  I am also a big fan of this great stretch. I am having trouble finding the EGG Balls you were using....any suggestions?
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Oh what fabulous stretches for scoliosis.
Fern K
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Wonderfully interesting and rich material! I have one practical question -- maybe Mary explained it and I missed it? -- how do I attach additional loops and straps to the top bar of the Cadillac? Fuzzies I know, but not all of those other options.
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Jarvis ~ I added a link to the description of a distributor. I recommend contacting them directly for help to see if you will be able to purchase one from them since they don't ship everywhere.
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Fern ~ These straps were created by Mary and you can get them directly from her website here.
Fern K
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Hi Gia, thanks for this information with the link!
Dear Mary Bowen,  in Germany we use those three words quiet sparingly, maybe too sparingly. But here they come from the bottom of my heart and my deep yawning soul: 
I love you for that video, for your words, for your laughter! Thank you! Thank you Pilates Anytime ! 

Amazing ! Thank you so much. Very inspiring. Love your wisdom Mary.
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I am so used to 1-1 in  depth sessions. Thank you, those of you  who have written responses to the EGG ball Releases on the Cadillac film. You lighten my heart. Perhaps it is another form of 1-1, your watching and listening to the film, just that I can't see and respond to you personally. That's a loss.  Each one please know that you are welcome to come to Northampton, MA for 2 days (14 hours) of 1-1 work together on whatever is up for you through Pilates Plus Psyche with Mary Bowen.
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