Smart Moves Reformer 2<br>Jared Kaplan<br>Class 3901

Smart Moves Reformer 2
Jared Kaplan
Class 3901

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Watched first, then went through it. Great practice for me in a lot of areas where I am weak. I have very weak ankles due to numerous breaks and sprains, so don’t have full range of motion for squatting. I was able to do this using a box at the end of my reformer instead of platform, since I can’t fully get into that position. I also really loved the front kneeling and bringing your foot forward as balance is something else I’m working on. Always working on my side planks as well. I really enjoyed this and will be coming back to it to see how much I can improve. Thanks!
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you're back! another great class. would love to see what you do on the chair. can't wait for smart moves 3
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Wow! Thank you Jared! Functional Pilates at its best! So creative, challenging and relevant to our everyday body movements. Awesome and precise cueing. Love your approach and classes! Hope to see more of you on PA.
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Lori I LOVE that you first watched and THEN did. Smart! Great modification w/the box instead of a platform to enable you to move through it. I designed these to give you clear benchmarks for growth - will be very curious to hear how you progress as you practice. PS: The front kneeling w/ the balance challenge is one of my faves - and not easy...Go get 'em!
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Vanisha I am! It's my Sophmore album, but better ;) Glad you enjoyed this one too! Smart Moves 3 is in the works, and if you want a kick-a$$ Chair workout, Marimba Gold-Watts has an awesome roast that recently got added. I'll think about some innovative Chair material for you for next time. Thanks for moving with me!
Stephanie Blush - Thank you! I really appreciate you sharing your experience. I devoted myself to building upon Smart Moves 1 to ensure that this workout would compliment it, have direct applications to everyday movement patterns , while simultaneously supplying a great, deep workout. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the fun AND the challenge! I'm loving being part of the PA community, thanks in no small part to engaged movers / teachers like you. Thanks again!
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This is BRILLIANT work for the body! Exactly what I feel my body( and that of my clients) has been missing, is now needing as an athlete and Pilates Instructor dealing with chronic issues that despite my knowledge and practice of the Pilates Method, I have not been able to solve. Do you offer a training?
jenn@bodykindpilates. com (new email not on my account)
Sam Awesome! I'm so glad to hear that and so excited it resonates like this for you. The primary motivation why I created Smart Moves was to provide those missing links for practitioners and teachers like you (and me!). My 2020 schedule is in the works. Feel free to reach out, and thanks again for sharing your excitement!
Michael Mary S
I watched this first, but can't wait to challenge myself. I think this will help me in many areas that I am weak in. Thanks for a great class.
Michele M
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Wow I loved the challenge of stabilizing from right to left side esp standing up! This was super creative and by far my favorite class on PA! I look forward to sharing some of theses concepts with my athletic clients and will do over again soon myself! My hips are definitely more open now! Thank you for sharing!
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