Smart Moves Reformer 2<br>Jared Kaplan<br>Class 3901

Smart Moves Reformer 2
Jared Kaplan
Class 3901

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Michael Mary You're welcome! Very smart to absorb by listening and watching first, and THEN doing it physically with me talking through it - that's how we're wired to learn. Let me know how those weak spots go! Michele Thanks so much, and please do challenge your athletes with the unilateral work. Yay to open hips!
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nice one....look forward to integrating into some of my sessions. thank you! Now need to head over to smart moves ONE!
Marci C
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Such an intelligent workout and deeply cued. Thanks!
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I’m stoked to try this! I loved smart moves one - I too watched it first and took notes headed to studio to try it out- would it work on gratz equipment? 
Marci  Thank you!  Can you extrapolate @ "deeply cued" - very curious how the cuing worked on various levels.  Tell me more! 
 Elizabeth  I love your enthusiasm! I had a blast designing it (and practicing it a ton); and it definitely works on all equipment - please modify so it suits your body (and your clients') and the intention of each exercise is physicalized.  Let me know how it goes! 
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Trying to load this workout on my tv through the Roku channel. It begins to retrieve it and then kicks back to the info page. It’ll load on my phone and all other videos are working through the Roku channel on my tv. Just used his second to last video, since this one isn’t functioning. Any chance there’s a glitch currently on this video?
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v12293 I would try restarting your device. That usually solves any video-playback issues. Please email us at if you continue to experience issues. 
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Just watched your Smart Moves Reformer 1 & 2 today. They are amazing! Can't wait to do these moves myself & share them with my clients. I will be looking for more of your classes. I really enjoy your style of teaching.
You're making me blush Susan =) !   I'm curious: did you watch the whole way through, or take class with me while watching?   I'd love to hear how you integrate this work into your sessions.   Thanks for sharing! 
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Jared, So so so good! Just when I think I have exhausted reformer creativity, you come through with brilliance. Thank you.
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