Extension Reformer<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 3914

Extension Reformer
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 3914

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Just amazing, sooo what my back needed today, thank you!
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Benjamin your workouts are such a treat. You’ve got the best pace, amount of cues, and fabulous flows. Thank you thank you!!!
J.L. Bronstein
Lovely workout ! We all need more extension work ~ felt great! Thank you Benjamin!
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Love, love, love. Feels amazing. Thank you, Benjamin!
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WOW. I just lined this up for my personal workout/learning hour today. Ended up grabbing 4 friends off the floor and staff and had the most fun time EVER! Thank you so much for this expertly delivered and choreographed class.
Benjamin Degenhardt
Thanks so much, everyone! This class was a delight to capture for y'all, thanks to my supermovers Kathleen and Chaz, so glad you're enjoying it. Kendra - that pic and comment absolutely made my day, right on! 
Benjamin Degenhardt made my day too! Thanks Kendra!
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I absolutely love your workouts!!!You have such a wonderful disposition so positive and encouraging.I feel as though we can get too caught up and serious about some of the work and you make it so fun fresh and exciting!!!I love to work out with you.Thank you Please make more videos 🥰🥰🥰
Catriona F
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my spinal extension is terrible , but this was great...i could not do it all but the intention was there. Great class and super energy and cues. Loved it. Thanks you
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Just super Benjamin with your great energy and way of teaching. Feel fab and was very needed thankyou.
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