Spiraling Mat<br>Rebekah Rotstein<br>Class 3915

Spiraling Mat
Rebekah Rotstein
Class 3915

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Always wonderful, Rebekah!
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thank you for making me feel like a dancer again! 
Wonderful Rebekah!
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I wish I could love this a thousand times! I didn’t know when I stared, but this was exactly what my mind and body needed. Flow, connection, and integration. My hips are so tight and this sequence called on them to release and find ease. And by the end I was sweating and found that post workout buzz. You’re a dream, Rebecca!
Very cool and fun! a keeper! How did you know I was in need of an awesome class like this!?
I love this, Rebekah!  It feels sooo good!  Congrats and thank you!
Fabulons Workout, so inspiring, thank you.
Dieter N
Thank you for this wounderfull lesson,a like it very much!
Lina S
Some exercices remind me some contemporary dance moves I did a few years ago while attending a workshop. I like it!
Such a beautiful class. Thanks for the new ideas.
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