Why Transitions Matter<br>Rebekah Rotstein<br>Class 3916

Why Transitions Matter
Rebekah Rotstein
Class 3916

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I love transition! Great flow. But did I miss the second side of the mermaid stretch? I’m totally guilty of forgetting the second side when I’m teaching.
The art of pilates!👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻
I loved your class Rebekah!  I too wondered about the  flexion as you had said in other videos that you had osteoporosis. I am so happy to know you no longer have it! Now I am wondering if you were able to reverse it through exercise alone? If so you are very inspiring! 
I wanted a longer workout, so I did Rebekah's  Expanding & Contracting Theraband Class just before this.  Both great classes. Also, any class that includes push-ups is a plus.  I have shorter legs and roll-ups are tough. Thanks to a recommendation from another P.A. Instructor, I just got some 5 lb leg weights.  They sure make roll-ups a lot easier. It did make the class a bit harder overall, but it was worth it. Thanks Rebekah:) 
Chiara D
Beautiful lesson! I lord the transizione and the teaser was very challenging!
Alice S
Amazing!  Creative and wonderful!
Erin O
Hey Rebekah Rotstein  :)  I really appreciated your cueing through teaser. Since my legs are long and I tend to struggle with an anterior pelvis, it can be really challenging for me to feel safe coming in and out of it (especially if I've been in a slump and returning to self-practice, as I am now). I had much better results staying out of my lower back with your specifics. Thanks beautiful lady... sending you love.
Deborah B
Glad others mentioned the missing mermaid- PLEASE repost it with that, either cuing in the middle or even at the end?  Being uneven is really bad for those of us with alignment/hypermobility and loved the class otherwise.
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