Contracting & Expanding Mat
Rebekah Rotstein
Class 3917

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Really like this but some of the movements are impossible if your band is not 6ft! 
Fun Class! Great variety of band exercises  with excellent cuing.  I love the classic work, but it's nice to mix it up with classes like this. Thank you Rebekah!
Love this workout! When I am limited for time and feeling compressed, this is the one I choose to feel length against compression forces.
Especially love how the side kneeling leads into that beautiful spiraling stretch that frees the whole back up.
I like using the band, but I felt wanting of more specificity in the cueing.  Thank you.
Oh wow. A gem.  Thanks
Great stretchy class .... must be 6 ft theraband to do most of the exercises. 
This was lots of fun, and very creative. Thank you!
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