Day 10: Put it All Together<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 3928

Day 10: Put it All Together
Courtney Miller
Class 3928

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All 10 of these classes were awesome. I cant wait to practice them all again. I absolutely love your presence, clear communication and smile.
Thank you!!
Thank you! No excuses for a 15minute workout  - I got behind but still managed to complete them all. And, I loved the (annoying) emails each day - they kept me on track!! 
10 days done, yay. Thanks Courtney, great workouts, great cueing, so doable time wise. Summer holidays here in Australia and away from the studio. These classes were great to fit into my holiday around family and friends and keep me a little on track. Love it 😘
FABULOUS challenge. Loved every minute of it! Thank you Courtney!

Yeah, Courtney, you really rocked it! Thank you for that brillant challenge; I will for sure come back to it and hope for lots more such insipiring classes by you on PA!
so sad that its over...will start it again
Thank you so much Courtney!  This was a great challenge and way to start off the new decade!
More!  You are my go to
Courtney you're amazing and inspiring. You make it all look sooo easy!
Done!!! love the challenge thank you Courtney!!!!!!
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