Day 10: Put it All Together<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 3928

Day 10: Put it All Together
Courtney Miller
Class 3928

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....and done!!! Thanks Courtney, you totally rock and made my Christmas Break totally productive. Blessings!!
Yes! I feel so good, am definitely going to repeat these workouts
Thanks Courtney! Loved the doable times for ea day.
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10 hardworking and oh so enjoyable days! The 10th class was definitely 2/3 or 3 for my body. Ready to start all over again when  my friend who introduced me to Pilates Anytime 10 years ago arrives for a visit tomorrow! 
Great challenge! Love your teaching Courtney’ and LOVE these 15-20 min workouts!! I got behind and did 2 one day!
Fantastic, that was a great challenge and I will definitely be doing this again.
Woof - that was a tough one Courtney but feeling so much stronger and yes, definitely more toned. Will be repeating through January to see how things change.
woohoo! That was amazing! Thanks, Courtney!
Thanks Courtney!  First time of ever completed a PA challenge!  
This was a great challenge. The 15 min workouts made it absolutely do-able. And 15 min felt like a workout! More Courtney!!
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