Reformer Fundamentals 1
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3929

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Heather! THANKS!! and yes this is great for this intermediates that want to hone skills with a softer lesson!
PS I am addicted to Carbon38!
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Yayyyy!! I have been waiting for this. Thank you Kathi and PilatesAnytime!!
 Jennifer! Thank you so much for The kind words
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Thank you Kathryn! Great class! I am going to be able to use what I learn from you to help me progress new clients. I also see steps I can take to help improve movement of clients with experience, which of course is usually a challenge Looking forward to more classes like these. Thank you so much for sharing!
Crystal! Thank you so very much! I think this is the most difficult thing to know! Progressing clients is often difficult to do! Let me know how it goes!
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That was a great beginning foundation!! Thank you for being so clear and concise.
I loved this session.  My favorite was the single leg variation of knee stretches, it was all back line of fascia.  Thank you for this fundamentals video.  It is a gift!
Kathi, thank you, this class is PERFECT.  So great for my beginners as well as my intermediates that struggle with some of the basics.  I am nursing some herniated discs and this class felt delicious! Fists on the foot bar is new to me, it felt so nice! And of course, your hair looks amazing :)
So many great gems for teaching beginners. I love the idea of using the long box for the short box series. Thank you KRN!!
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