Reformer Fundamentals 3<br>Kathryn Ross-Nash<br>Class 3931

Reformer Fundamentals 3
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3931

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Thanks Kathy, love this series, the details about the classical technique are very helpful and love the way you teach knee stretches. 
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I just love these videos!  Breaking down each movement so that it becomes more relevant not only to more difficult Pilates exercises but most importantly, to our everyday functional movements!  Mindful, purposeful movement!  Just beautiful. Thank you, Kathy!
Kathy, this was an amazing teaching of the fundamental work ...Can't wait to do it again...Thank you ! 
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Simplement GÉNIALE !!! Mille merci :)
Michael Mary S
I love the images you use.  Your cuing is right on.  Thank you.
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Knee stretches!!!! Wow!!!! I have a whole new appreciation! Thank you Kathi!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Patty Hafen
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I love this inch-by-inch work, and I especially love the knee stretch series and knees off  with the moon box - brilliant.  Thank you!
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Excellent, I started watching one of them and finally I just had to watch all of them. 
geovanna I think that was a great idea!!! Then you see all the connections ❤️
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