Reformer Fundamentals 3<br>Kathryn Ross-Nash<br>Class 3931

Reformer Fundamentals 3
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3931

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I am loving this series and class 3 inch by inch has been full of juicy nuggets.  Love the knee stretch tips, especially knees off, an exercise I have long struggled with. The box modification was brilliant. Thank you!
Great cues & flows..loved the long box for the short box series for beginners! The three counts back for flat back is so challenging. Thank you!!
Knees off on the box. That was dreamy!✨ Never thought I would say that!😅
Anna H
Enjoying your reformer fundamentals immensely! Thank you for your lovely clear consistent teaching Kathryn- it's giving me new meaning to the exercises  and the way I teach then! xx
Moon box (or equivalent) makes all the difference on this tough move!!  First time I have been able to get knees off.   "And nobody's going to die!!!"    How true - but it feels that way to some of us newbies sometimes! Thank you for understanding! No sensation/fear of losing teeth on the footbar please!
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