Short Box Placement
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Tutorial 3936

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I'm loving all this great content Kathi.. thanks so much for sharing your insights!
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Thank you so much for all this great information, and sharing your thoughts on what to do with the different clients. Very much appreciated that you talk about tall people, because I think there are many videos for short students, and it often doesn´t work for tall ones. Wonderful!
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I am learning so much from this series.  You connect it all (how one exercise is like another, how they flow, why it’s done, etc.) so logically for those of us who aren’t instructors.  Thanks very much.
Lori, Silke & Neetu Thank you so very much! The connection is the part we have lost in the work... I love that you are enjoying it!
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Kathryn:  thank you for the valuable content.  Your in-depth experience and insight is greatly appreciated.  I found great value in your comments regarding male as well as tall clients.  I also enjoyed listening to the tone of your voice and admire your beauty.  
Love the work of course, but still love the GW shark breach that happens at 22:33!

Catherine- I am flattered!!!!!! Thank you so very much for your kindness!!! 
Merci pour partager votre expérience comme professionnel avec nous. Vos conseils sont des bijoux. Vous êtes très généreuse et humble.
This is fantastic!  Thank you x  
Excellent tutorial. I'm really glad to discover this fantastic teacher. Thank you very much Kathryin to share your knowledge to us.Diana
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