HIIT Recovery<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 3950

HIIT Recovery
Courtney Miller
Class 3950

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Perfect stretches for my morning routine! Feeling energized
Nice little yoga routine :) Pilates yoga. Same same but different.
love the stretches very energizing 
This entire series has been great for me getting back to my Pilates after the holiday’s and great ideas for adding high intensity to my classes! Thank you!
Very nice, thank you
The classes were great.  The last class was very hard on my knees. I think working at a slower pace with more focus on placement of feet is best for me. Also hurt my shoulder on some of the earlier classes. I found a wide forward fold stretch to feel great after the classes. Thank you for the challenges
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Thank you for doing this series. It is perfect to fit in to a hectic life as a teacher and mum! I am loving the mix of intensity & strength work. I love finishing off with this class aswell. You have such a lovely way of explaining and encouraging. Def one of my favourite teaches on PA. Thank you!! 
Michaela M
It’s a great workout! thanks 👏🏻🙂
Sofia P
My body loved it!! Thank you. 
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