Shoulder to Core Connection<br>Tom McCook<br>Tutorial 3964

Shoulder to Core Connection
Tom McCook
Tutorial 3964

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What else can I say but “brilliant”! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and teaching skill with Pilates anytime! Looking forward to more...
Gabriella D
Thank you very much for this great tutorial!
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Tom and Pilates anytime, I am so grateful for this knowledge you share. All of this content is amazing. Keep bringing Tom back !! One question Tom, when I am doing the reverse plank it doesn’t feel great to have my palms facing back. Is that something to do with my shoulders? Thanks
Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Wonderful x loved this short tutorial
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Thank you all for your feedback!! Adriana for your wrists, I suggest experimenting with having your hands facing forward or to the side to see if it feels better. Strongly push the floor away and set the shoulders down your back. Also, make sure your not hyper-extending at the elbows. Wishing you all a joyful, healthy and skillful 2020!!
Tanya S
@tomTom McCook  why does both of my shoulders have a " pop" sound (maybe bones rubbing ? ) when retrac-protraction ?
Hi Tanya,
Thanks for your message. Without seeing you perform the movements, I can offer a few suggestions. Use move muscular control moving slowly and smoothly. In protraction remember there’s no elevations on the shoulders. Attempt to perform without changing the shape of your spine.
Also in your starting position activate the lower scapula towards the front( Serratus Anterior) and activate the upper arms towards each other( Pec major) use the mid back to retract and move Serratus Anterior to protract. Slow and smooth😊🙏
Hi Tom- Excellent tutorial. Understanding and feeling the connection of the clavicle / serratus anterior and the entire chain is key. Thank you for your knowledge and time.
Hi Tom
Many thanks for a great and useful lesson.
But can I ask. I am having trouble feeling the connection from my shoulder blade to the inner thigh. Should I be feeling my inner thighs engage as I cant and I wonder what I am  doing wrong.
Many thanks Rachel
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