Mat to Release Tension<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 3965

Mat to Release Tension
Tom McCook
Class 3965

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Good morning Tom, delighted to see more classes from you. Loved this class feel totally stretched and invigorated. The stretches in this class are very do able for men who often find stretches difficult. Loved it!
Julie Lloyd
This is just a brilliant class!!
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Loved this class Tom. Clear, concise, lovely wording. Calm, yet challenging, focused and some great variations to movements I teach regularly. Will follow more of your classes, 🙏thank you
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Gorgeous energy & flow, I look forward to seeing more!
Enjoy  Tom's soothing voice  especially.  We need more men in Pilates, or at least I need to reach more men, so having a class designed with men in mind is helpful. Loved the deliberate and controlled pace.
Hey that was great Tom, super descriptive cueing as always and I particularly like that last stretch with just a hint of an elbow bend what a difference....thanks!
Love this class! Great cues, thanks!
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Thank you all for your great feedback! Enjoy and be well!
I love the feeling after this workout! energized+tensionless = fantastic! Thank you Tom! 
Dear Hrisitna, You are very welcome!! Thank you for your feedback and for taking the time to do your practice! Enjoy and be well
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