Equestrian Mixed Equipment<br>Julie Driver<br>Class 3977

Equestrian Mixed Equipment
Julie Driver
Class 3977

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Very nice basic but challenging moves for my equestrian clients! I would love a spine corrector/arc mat class for equestrians too thank you! Beautiful teaching
Michelle K
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Awesome, I love your teaching, very nice and beautiful, I will keep following your videos.  Good luck and keep going!
Julie Driver
Michelle  Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!
Julie Driver
Mel W  Thank you! The spine corrector/Arc is fab for Equestrians too, I agree a class would be fab!
Love this work, have learnt much by watching this ..... would love a spine corrector class ......... fabulous teacher will look forward to further videos!! 
Lovely Julie - though horseless these days - improvised Ladder Barrel with Arc on Wunda Chair, feet against wall!! Brilliant.
Julie Driver
Candida Thank you for your comment, I too am horseless at the moment. Children are too expensive! Love your improvisation!
Julie Driver
Alison Thank you for your lovely comments! Try my other Pilates for Equestrians classes, hope you like them!
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Thanks for such a well balanced class drawing all the elements together. Love your work :)
Julie Driver
Beverly Thank you for your comment!
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