Equestrian Mixed Equipment<br>Julie Driver<br>Class 3977

Equestrian Mixed Equipment
Julie Driver
Class 3977

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Great workout! More challenging than expected. I twist/collapse right in the saddle. Which exercises would you recommend focusing on?
Lidia W
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Julie,  One of the best videos I have seen. I love it, such great teaching!
Julie Driver
Lidia Wow! Thank you! 

I like a lot the way you gave all the information...thanks !
Hi Julie, I found this session because I now have a client with a horse and some issues with her hips and all over stability. This is such a well of information.. - I am thrilled! And your cues are so useful and wonderfully spoken! I love everything about this, so glad you did these videos with PA! And I am sure that all these exercises would help any client without being a rider as well! thanks so much!
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