Self-Organization Mat<br>James Crader<br>Class 3989

Self-Organization Mat
James Crader
Class 3989

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Ludovica U
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I like the different ways to read and interpret pilates exercises. It lets me think that sometimes we tent to stay sticked to what we learnt without giving something of us to what we are teaching, a touch of more instinct and personality, obviously with awareness and safety and reasoning. So thank you very much for this special class very inspiring!
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Yay! So glad you are in here! Took an awesome workshop with you at Trent’s symposium in 2018. Can’t wait to watch the series💃💃💃
Jacqueline Scofield
Just love the freeform of movement keeping great control 👏
Jacqueline Scofield
Just love the freeform of movement keeping great control 👏
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James! I’m an avid reader of your blog and I just love the permission you give to all of us to explore and find our own movement truths. At some points in this class, my body was exploring new positions and possibilities. It was new and I found discomfort in this novelty. But that’s the journey, right? By the end, I felt a renewed energy and ease and joy in my body and heart. Thank you!
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This is a great class.  I have a lot of chronic pain so sometimes conventional mat work does not feel good to my body.   This mostly did, and lots of great balance ideas I will use with my teachers.   
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Ludovica Thank you! Yes, when we start looking at movement and "exercises" from different angles and lenses we can see so much more of the picture.
Kimber Thank you!! Looking forward to hearing what you think of the whole series!
Jacqueline  I appreciate that! Wouldn't be possible without the work and ideas from the other two classes within this series.
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Rachel Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback, and your willingness to explore / listen to / challenge / and honor your experience. If you choose to revisit this class let me know how it evolves for you ... I have a feeling this type of work might just open some new doors. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you or help guide you further.
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