Self-Organization Mat<br>James Crader<br>Class 3989

Self-Organization Mat
James Crader
Class 3989

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Julia Thank you! Just curious if you explore the 2 supporting classes from this series? If so, were you able to utilize some of the tools you developed there to support what you played with in this class? If not, give the others a try and let me know how that goes!
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so much freedom and creativity :) I lllove this class. Thank you James!! 
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Love, love!  I enjoyed just playing with where my body wanted to move to next.  It’s like my body felt where it wanted to move to and it wasn’t necessarily the same side to side.  Of course my Pilates brain freaked saying we have to work the same side to side, but in this class I tried to let that go and just present with myself and the movement.  Thank you for being you and sharing this wonderful body experience!  
Firuze Thank you so much! I'm glad it's resonating with you.
Bonnie Exactly!!! The body knows where it needs/wants to go ... positions of healing and expression ... catharsis ... the trick is to learn to listen to and trust it. Thank you for your curiosity and comment! I can feel your support, and it's appreciated. 
Amy B
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I am just in love with you right now!!  I just finished my mat teacher training and have started teaching....and I find that I take it too seriously and classes can get quite boring....I too like to balance everything in my life (work, body, social, relationships...) and that's why I love Pilates so love love you're approach, ideas, openness and creativity.  I will be stealing a lot, most...all of it!! LOL  tks so much and look forward to watching more of you.  take care:)
Amy Thank you!! Congrats on entering into the world of teaching ... so happy to know my voice will be a small part of yours.
So good James. Just watching you move with your seaweedy spine made my spine feel more fluid. Keep doing what you do.  
Julie Lanocha Thank you! I really appreciate that
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Thanks, James. I did the somatic meditation and mat work.  I think I need more vagus nerve soothing work. Duh...... I'm giving myself a retreat today because last week was so stressful.  Your teaching and focus on site bones and awareness was very soothing and fun.
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