Fascia-Focused Mat<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 4014

Fascia-Focused Mat
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 4014

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Thank you! wow! is it normal to be *really* struggling with the exercises laying on our back and balancing with thighs crossed? This was my first time taking this class. 
Yes Alice, it is completely normal. The roller illuminates 'kinesthetic blind spots' and sheds light on habitual patterns of organization. When your right thigh crosses over the left thigh,  pelvic rotation left (front of the sacrum faces left) is also encouraged. This requires your thorax to rotate right as a counterbalance, creating subtle but profound accommodations  throughout your whole self. These high-novelty-low-risk sequences enhance your awareness and refine your motor control. You're welcome  
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A wonderful experience Elizabeth- thank you again for all the coronal plane movements, challenging coordination and awakening so many connections that were sleeping in my body from left to right. I was shaking with the effort and smiling at how I had to constantly stop my body from cheating throughout. I’m curious about the tongue cues because they were certainly effective...
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Well that was very informative in some imbalances in my hips. I will repeat this often-thank you!
Rosena S
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Warm wishes from Dubai .This is by far  my favorite class. The tone of instructions,  your humor ,unique variations and my list goes on. I found the roll up on one side quite challenging (with  twist).  cant wait to do all your classes :) . Many thanks, Rosena
Thank you Rosena
Lisa K
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I've just taken this class for the second time and like the first time, placing the roller under my arm pit was super painful/interesting/ releasing. Great class! 
Patricia C
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Thank you for the class!, 🌻
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loved it-looking forward to sharing the learning!
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i adored this class!! so deceptively simple, but... NOT!! Will be revisiting often :) 
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