Advanced Reformer Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 404

Advanced Reformer Flow
Amy Havens
Class 404

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Amy, this was a wonderful class. I loved the corkscrew and your comments about spine articulation. Adding this to my favorites for sure!
Thank you. I always get excited when there are new and fun reformer classes!! Keep em coming!!
Loved this class! Thanks Amy!
Thank you Mona! What specifically about the comments about spine articulation in the corkscrew worked for you, just curious? I love receiving feedback as it really helps feed my skills as a teacher. Thanks for taking class and I hope to talk to you again!
Hi Angela......yes we're trying to keep the Reformer classes coming! We have a lot of request for them so I'm sure you'll see more and more on the site. Thanks for taking class with me!
You're welcome Rachael....always nice hearing from you! Talk again soon!
Hi Amy, thanks for responding to my comment:) I think my comment was a bit confusing, so sorry! What I should have said in my comment was that I loved the corkscrew and I loved your different ways of telling us to articulate the spine throughout the video. For example on the overhead you said, "bone by bone" and during another exercise you mentioned "rolling yourself down the back". I loved the imagery and the different ways you said what you were looking for. Specifically to the corkscrew I liked your comment at the end about not being one for being a big leg swinger that you like the tracking of the spine. I loved that comment. So thanks again!
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I I really enjoy all of your classes Amy. So nice to see the classical repertoire with some variation to keep it all interesting.
Amy, thank you.
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Hi Devra! Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it. Slight variations on the theme are indeed nice....and refreshing sometimes. Thanks for taking class!
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