Advanced Reformer Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 404

Advanced Reformer Flow
Amy Havens
Class 404

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Hi Monica!! Nice hearing from you.....I will film a Reformer class this week and will hope to get it posted soon after. I value your support, thank you!
What a wonderful class! I felt very calm yet energized throughout the workout. Your cueing was wonderful and I appreciate the notes about spring variations. Very well done!
Thank you very much Kate!
Michelle S
Absolutely loved this and love your teaching style. You are very modest and appreciative of your students, beautiful manner! Interested Amy, what classical order is this from as it's different to the Romana /bob liekens order I know or original RTL. Lived it Amy, a fav teacher of mine. Coming to uk soon?.
Hi Michelle.....thank you so much. This class goes back years, so fun to be reminded of it! Those gals were all teachers (two at my studio, one elsewhere) so it was 'easy' to work with them and we know each other. The order....basically traditional with a few inserts here and there. I went through PhyscialMind originally so it's 'the list' I know, but I also know other lists. You ask when I"m coming to UK......I'd love to come! Bring me over!! :)
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Great class-loved the long box combo of pulling straps to backstroke to teaser. Never thought of it as a sequence but it all makes perfect sense. Your cues and explanations help to understand the thought process behind the sequences too. this is why I love the archive classes. Lots of " theory". Thanks Amy
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HI Patti ! I always love getting your forum comments and I appreciate you going back in the video library to see / take some of the archived classes! There are some real gems in there for all of us indeed!
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