Advanced Reformer Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 404

Advanced Reformer Flow
Amy Havens
Class 404

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You're welcome Kimberly! Thank you for taking class with me!
Hi Amy, it's a great Pilates reformer teaching class. I have question on the Arabesque workout. As some people can keep their hip square. I wonder is there any ways to help people keep hip square on arabesque? I am not sure if it was caused by too many lateral hip rotated workouts? Or other reasons? I appreciate that you can shed the light on this question. Thank you.
Hi Loretta......thank you for your comments. Regarding Arabesque....I vary this also---sometimes I teach it with an open hip, sometimes more squared. If I'm teaching more square, I want to extended leg to be parallel and only the heighth of the hip, no higher. I still try to cue "move the carriage by connecting to the back of the standing leg, pull from the abs to get it to the bumper". I hope this helps. I think it's good to do both open and square hip. :)
Hi Sandra! Thanks for taking class and for your kind words!! :)
Thanks Amy, just what I needed before my 530! : )
Hi Amy, thank you for your response. Now I understand can do Arabesque with hip open or squared. As long as, we can control the movement properly.
Hi Judy! So glad this gave you some inspriation!
You're welcome Loretta.....yes, open or closed Arabesque, both of course have different intentions and purposes, and both are good to do, vary it up and challenge someone with both. As long as we as teachers know why we are having a student do the exercise ....we can have them change their 'normal' way of doing it. It can lead to some wonderful things!
Used your Single Leg segment (2 Red Springs on Allegro) in two classes today, and followed it with Moving Bridge and Frog Bridge sets on 1 Red. Both classes loved it. Thanks!
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