Day 7: Rolling<br>Carrie Pages<br>Class 4044

Day 7: Rolling
Carrie Pages
Class 4044

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Fun, fun, fun!!!
Gerri M
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Breathing hard after that killer finish...loved the rolling like a ball around the world..great job on Day 7
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As promised. Fun!
Danielle A
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That was a lot of fun ! :) Thank you
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lol ! Thanks for a lot of fun & laughs as well. 
Thanks for the cue while in quadruped position to push the hands forward to deepen the rounding of the spine. Felt that. It was awesome!
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Brilliant! I love all your peeps, they made total sense
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*preps* lol
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Amazing class, thanks Carrie! 🙌
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Yay!! this was great fun and very creative. Thank you Carrie
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