Day 7: Rolling<br>Carrie Pages<br>Class 4044

Day 7: Rolling
Carrie Pages
Class 4044

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Michael Mary S
Wow!  Loved some of the variations -- even though I'm not a "rolling" fan.  Rolling around the clock was fun and challenging for a non-fan.  Also loved the variation with the side leg lifts.  Thanks for another great class
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Really enjoying the short daily challenges. You're inspiring me to plan my own classes better :D Thank you Carrie :D

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Thanks again Carrie..... just a little challenging for those of us with scoliosis..... loved the bridge and really getting into articulation. Plus your bright smile😁
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whew--that last coming up to standing from seal clapping--glad I was not being filmed!
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Thanks for the fun, fun, fun!!
Sofia P
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I had fun! Thanks :) 
Jane N
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Great class thanks 
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I enjoyed that a little fun for the day and great when you really just need to roll it out 👏
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It was fun!  I am not flexible so when I do Seal to standing, i cross my feet just as I start to stand. I can always get up that way. Past yoga classes have had rolling up  to standing. The cross-feet method is easy to learn and works well. Joe Pilates actually taught his students to sit down and stand up by crossing their feet.  Thanks Carrie:) 
Jenny D
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Loved it...... good job no one could see me trying to go from seal to standing!!
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