Lower Body Power Reformer<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 4054

Lower Body Power Reformer
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4054

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Sara Ellis-Owen
Loved the balance training! I’ll be adding that to my teaching. Thank you!
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That was great using the ball while jumping . . . great challenge!  Thanks!!
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Sarah I loooove this new Reformer series of yours! I'll take a wild guess and there's another stretchy session coming as well? :) Looking forward! Did this one on my lunch break, wonderful to get that heart pumping and as a BASI student I appreciated the Wunda Chair -inspired exercises! Awesome!
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Nice one....yes, loved the balance work and the idea of "intervaling" the jump board sequence....also love the angled Eve's Lunge!   Thank you
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Thank You! Loved the jumpboard intervals and the last tricep exercise!
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A great class when I dont have an hour!
Sara it has been my goal to add more balance training to the work. So important for all of us.  I am glad to hear it worked for you! 

Julia R YES!  lower body stretch cam out today.  I hope it works for you. :) 

Jennifer So glad eves lunge variation worked for you.  There is a bit more in the stretch class that was released today.  :)
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Great class! Really enjoyed the storm:) 💪🇱🇷
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