Lower Body Power Reformer<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 4054

Lower Body Power Reformer
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4054

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Thanks Lacea!  I plan to take this class today and power up for the weekend. 

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Great class for before work,  looking forward to doing the stretch after work!
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This class was so brilliantly crafted! Thank you. I especially enjoyed the side lying work with the ball and the "single leg pull" in rotation. Oh! and the arm series (it felt like dancing). 
Sarah S I just love the idea that you did the workout before work and the stretch after.  Take care!! 

Shannon Thank you for taking the time to share!  Love that you felt the "dance" freedom.  hugs

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Thank you Sarah! Loved this.
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Wonderful! Found this on a sunday morning and it really helped me to get out of the stiffness and back to the feeling of springyness!! :)) the sidelying exercises are a little difficult with long arms but I found a way.. thank you so much, I always love your  creative work and your cuing - and! :your light spirit!! Love, Silke
Hi Silke L,  Thank you for your note. I just love hearing that the work helped you re-gain your springyness!  (I may just start using that word). Keep on taking care of your self.  hugs:) 
Christine S
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Love this class Sarah and appreciate your energy and stamina to talk and jump ;)
Christine S thank you!  It makes me laugh every time I try to teach and jump... 
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