Power Arms
Tracey Mallett
Class 4111

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Fantastic workout, non-stop fun !! Thanks Tracey!
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Your energy is crazy in a good way! My muscles burn and you’re still smiling and marching on! I found the music a bit distracting as the rhythm didn’t  match the movements....
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Thank you Tracey; enjoyed our workout together!
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Fantastic Tracey! I love your variations and will be taking lots of your exercises to my class on Kangaroo Island  Australia.
Awesome! Thank you for a fun class!
Kimber McQueen Carbon38 Beach Riot
Carol Thank you, the more you do it the easier transition will be. I know it can be a bit tricky. Thank you x
Rebecca There is a lower body section coming but without band. If you go to my Kick it Up Challenge there is some more band work there! Thank you 
Laura There is a whole program coming stay tuned!!
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Head and shoulders knees and toes:) from the top to the toe strong and beautiful.....for summer and for yourself:) 😊 perfect workout. Added to favourites...can’t wait to see more 
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