In Memoriam<br>Mari Winsor<br>Pilates Anytime<br>Special 4118

In Memoriam
Mari Winsor
Pilates Anytime
Special 4118

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Thank you for sharing this.
Monica Wilson
Thank you for sharing this Kristi. She inspired and touched all who were blessed to know her.
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oh wow! oh no! this is so moving. what a treasure she was.
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May she rest in eternal peace
Louise T
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She was my inspiration. A sad, sad loss.
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Thank you  for this.  Mari was such an inspiration to so many.  She is now unburdened by her body. May she fly freely in eternal peace. 
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May she Rest In Peace 😇she will be missed 😘what a wonderful soul 🙏
Paola Maruca
R.I.P. Mari...thank you for all you gave to us. Forever grateful. 
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Her legacy lives on. May her life be a blessing to all that knew and worked with her. 
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Beautiful... Mari Winsor, you  touched my heart and inspired me through this short tribute.  Thank you! 
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