In Memoriam<br>Mari Winsor<br>Pilates Anytime<br>Special 4118

In Memoriam
Mari Winsor
Pilates Anytime
Special 4118

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What a wonderful tribute to an inspirational and courageous woman ..Thank you for sharing..
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Thank you for sharing this. Mari Rest In Peace💜🙏🏻
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beautifully fierce
thank you
Elena L
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I'm very, very sad... RIP Mari, free from your pains...
Joyce Dev
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No words. A truly sad day for the Pilates world. My first introduction to Pilates was through a VHS tape of Mari teaching 22 years ago. Her work lead me into this world to teach and share with others. She left an indelible mark on so many. Warm hugs and love to her family.
Viktor Uygan
She will be watching over us with Joseph 😇
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Mari was my mentor,  the reason I found pilates, an inspiration.  an enormous loss.
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Thank you so much for sharing these moments with Mari - what a treasure she was - I am so sorry to hear the news that she is no longer with us... I treasure the times I got to be in her class, in class with her and social times to feel her generous spirit and hear her infectious laughter. Truly a gem and a trailblazer. Rest In Peace beautiful Mari❤️❤️💔
Such a lovely tribute. Thank you PA xox
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An inspiration of possibilities. Mari cut the way for so many of us to be open and giving in the work of Joe Pilates.
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