Kathy Grant Flow
Blossom L
Class 4176

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Really enjoying these out of studio series.
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Fun Fun Fun x more Kathy Grant exercise homages please - love her!
Audio and video are terrible but the workout is good.
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Absolutely loved it, but I love all of Blossom' s classes.   The audio and visual were completely fine ! X
audio and video were fantastic! love love love blossom's classes!!
Loved this! Where can we see more Kathy Grant flows? I love her work but haven't had much exposure. Thank you!
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Super class. Great fun as always with blossom. Loved the use of the towel👌
Thanks for using a towel for a prop. We all have those.   Short fun class. I do better roll-ups if I add leg weights, and keeping them on for the class worked well.  Thanks Blossom! 
I really loved this. Thank you! And thank you for sharing her story as a young dancer too.
loved this class...thank you!  I'm back teaching real live people and this will be on the menu!

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