Kathy Grant Flow<br>Blossom L<br>Class 4176

Kathy Grant Flow
Blossom L
Class 4176

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So good! And good to see you, Blossom!
Love it! You are just so real!
I can only roll up and down slowly if i use hand and leg weights. So i substituted 5 lb leg and hand weights and only used the towel in the very beginning. It worked great. I had fun and feel better. Thanks Blossom:) 
Now this is how I like to start my day! (even tho it’s 2:00pm.🤪) I’ll be back here tomorrow in the am!
Great use of a towel, thank you !
Thanks for that lovely 20 minutes on the mat with you and the towel . . . loved it!
Excellent class! Thanks
Jean H
what a great class.  I put a heavy meditation bag on my ankles to do the roll ups! 
Cynthia G
Thanks, that was special.  Lovely energy
Such a good one to add into the mix!
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