Beginner Series #2<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 423

Beginner Series #2
Niedra Gabriel
Class 423

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Excellent clear instruction, maintaining a consistent pace.
I agree with Jane's comments above - awesome class, supportive, motivating, consistent and very clear on what we are to do. Awesome - on to the next class tomorrow!!
I feel like I'm building a really strong foundation by taking Niedra's beginner series.

I am definitely going to finish it.

I love how clear & firm she is in her instruction but also is very non-judgemental.

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I am partially blind and I rely mostly on verbal instruction when participating in a pilates classes. Her instruction is so clear and descriptive, I did not need any sighted assistance to decipher the different exercises. This is the first pilates video that I've found, where I am confident in my form, because of the clear and concise instruction. Thank you Niedra Gabriel!
I echo Erin Vey's comments. Very happy with the first 2 classes in this series so far.
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I am new and beginning Pilates this year so this class is excellent and explains each movement.
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Ashley, so glad you are enjoying the class - keep moving through the series.

I am just now reading some of the earlier comments and am thrilled with the benefits you are all sharing about this class. So happy you are all benefiting from this filmed class. Wonderful.
Welcome Ashley! You are sincerely off to a good start with Niedra as your guide.
Thank you Niedra for explaining the ins and outs of these wonderful moves! Your cues and modifications are extremely helpful. Love your energy and kind spirit!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Rena, keep on with this series and I hope you get off to a wonderful journey with Pilates in 2013.
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