Beginner Series #2<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 423

Beginner Series #2
Niedra Gabriel
Class 423

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It really helps to be able to watch Niedra do it first. Excellent instructions.
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I am slim built woman that loves fitness but cant go as hard as i want to because of a stomach condition. I've always wanted to do pilates but work and location never allowed it. I recently started yoga and found a commercial for this site before one of the sessions on youtube. I LOVE THIS. the fact that i can do these classes ANY time and anywhere. Niedra is an exceptional teacher and she keeps my attention while giving praises and motivation... its like she is in my home.. I LOVE THIS!!!! I cant wait to see my core strength by the end of class ten!
Me-Anie ~ Thank you for your comments here. We also think Niedra is exceptional and are really happy to hear that PA is working for you exactly as we intended it to. Welcome!
Niedra Gabriel
Me-Anie, so glad you found Pilates Anytime and are enjoying my beginner series. yes, Pilates is fantastic and a great support and base for yoga or any other physical modality you may want to do. Enjoy finding your abs and center...
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Really loving this beginner series as a great refresher back into Pilates. Niedra is a wonderful instructor. I love the way that it feels like a real class rather than an exercise video. My husband keeps laughing at me when I say 'we' did this in class and 'we' did that.
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Kelly,
Another Australia lady doing Pilates with "me"!
Let your husband know we really do this together...
Still a big fan here in Bordeax France, merci Niedra Candida
Niedra Gabriel
Your welcome ( in french) Candida, so glad you are enjoying these lessons - I will be teaching at a resort in Austria this summer, why not come for a few days to enjoy LIVE classes. Wouldn't that be wild?
Thank you Niedra, I love your cues and modifications they are always very helpful. These classes always make me feel better on so many levels. My back thanks you also.
Niedra Gabriel
that is great Marilu, so glad you feel good from the classes, back too.
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