Foam Roll Fun
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4247

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Thank you! This was a lovely way to ease my way into a new week! Looking forward to your next foam roller class!
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i always appreciate when an instructor takes a piece of equipment & works it into an entire class... ans Sarah did:) I particularly liked the mermaid and side twist.. what a wonderful upper back stretch. While all her cuing was excellent I really liked her transition from sitting on the foam roller to rolling back on it.  The class was not super hard, but it was interesting, fun, and the time flew. Thanks Sarah!
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Fantastic class. I really enjoyed the prone quad stretch with the slight variation of the leg abducted. I am a PT and may try that stretch for my patients post total knee replacement. Less tension on the quads. 
Anna I am so pleased this class helped you ease into your week!  Hope you have a great one! 
Gary, thank you for taking the time to comment again.  Generally I do not use too many props, but when I choose to, I try to really use it.  Glad the choice made sense for you.  In my early pilates years, I always wanted to push hard and "work out" in mat class. While I still love a hard push, I also find a lot of joy from the "work in". Glad the class flew by.  More classes  are coming! 
Diane thank you!  So please to hear you enjoy the class and that you can "use" the variations in your work.  YAY! 
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Thank you so much Sarah this is fantastic class and such innovative use the foam roller :)
Such a great class! Thanks for the balance exercise! I didn’t realize how difficult that was!
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I loved all of this and especially the neck stretch!
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Thank you so much ... I feel stretched, energised yet relaxed, and ready for my day
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