Foam Roll Fun<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 4247

Foam Roll Fun
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4247

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Sue H
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Loved this class as it really released a lot of tension in my back and neck!
Diane Duvall
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What a fun class!  I really enjoyed some new variations that I had never done with the roller.  I will be adding some of these into a few of the lessons I will teach this week.  Thank you!!  You said that there will be another class with the roller and even more variations & I'm wondering when it will be.  I will be watching for it!
Suzanee W
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really fun but sadly my foam roller is too short for the last bit!

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I feel amazing after that workout, thankyou Sarah!
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Thank you Sarah! I'm a long distance runner and my entire body needed this very much!!
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Loved this class Sarah, lots of little fresh twists with the roller and wonderful stretches. I agree that we need to not always rush and push hard in a class but take some time to actually “ FEEL” 👏🏼
Sue H I am so pleased to hear this class helped you release tension in both back and neck.  Yippee! 
Diane D I am so happy to hear you found the variations useful. Yes.  Another class is on the way.  should be released any day!! 
Suzanee W glad you enjoyed the class.  Sorry you were unable to do the last bit.  If you ever get a longer roll, give this class another try.  In my opinion, lying longwise on the role is magical. :) 
Emma M thank you!! 
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