Beginner Series #3<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 426

Beginner Series #3
Niedra Gabriel
Class 426

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Niedra Gabriel
Bravo Catarina, I am excited for you - isn't it fun to suddenly be doing something you were not able to do before? Keep on with the journey!
Great class, I am loving this series
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you for your post Jill, I am thrilled that you are enjoying this series. Keep up your practice.
Another wonderful workout! Thank you Niedra!
Fantastic class! Agree with comments about progression from prior -recovering from lower back injury and this series is fantastic!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Marta and Laurel - so glad you are enjoying this work. it is " the best".
Virginia C.
really love this series! So helpful to teaching new clients and I also recommend this to clients to do on their own at home.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Virgina for your post. It is lovely to know this series is supporting you as a teacher as well as your clients. wishing you ever growing inspiration as a teacher.
I have been practicing Pilates off and on for many years and love this series. I have had four babies in the last three and a half years, including twins born via c-section six months ago and I find this class to be perfect for rebuilding core strength and flexibility. I have a long road ahead but am grateful to have such great instructors to follow Thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
Niki, I am always so please to read comments like yours - it really validates the benefits of Pialtes anytime and offering on line classes for people to work with at home.
I wish you much success and health and rediscovery of your physical potential - my goodness having babies is a MASSIVE physical journey of its own kind.
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