Beginner Series #3
Niedra Gabriel
Class 426

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Bravo Catarina, I am excited for you - isn't it fun to suddenly be doing something you were not able to do before? Keep on with the journey!
Great class, I am loving this series
Thank you for your post Jill, I am thrilled that you are enjoying this series. Keep up your practice.
Another wonderful workout! Thank you Niedra!
Fantastic class! Agree with comments about progression from prior -recovering from lower back injury and this series is fantastic!
Thank you Marta and Laurel - so glad you are enjoying this work. it is " the best".
really love this series! So helpful to teaching new clients and I also recommend this to clients to do on their own at home.
Thank you Virgina for your post. It is lovely to know this series is supporting you as a teacher as well as your clients. wishing you ever growing inspiration as a teacher.
I have been practicing Pilates off and on for many years and love this series. I have had four babies in the last three and a half years, including twins born via c-section six months ago and I find this class to be perfect for rebuilding core strength and flexibility. I have a long road ahead but am grateful to have such great instructors to follow Thank you!
Niki, I am always so please to read comments like yours - it really validates the benefits of Pialtes anytime and offering on line classes for people to work with at home.
I wish you much success and health and rediscovery of your physical potential - my goodness having babies is a MASSIVE physical journey of its own kind.
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