Weight-bearing Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4261

Weight-bearing Mat
Amy Havens
Class 4261

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Katherine R
Hi Amy, I love your classes and there's only one little thing that i would suggest, and that is that you don't refer to us as "guys"..... I'm a 72 year old woman and I've used this term all my life, and am now very  aware of our patriarchy and how men are favored in many ways that we talk about things. 
I try to refer to others as "folks" or peeps or yawl...
Just sayin'...
Warmly, Katherine
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Thanks, Amy! The pulsing supine twist and the slouchy back support stretch (hopefully you know what I'm talking about there) felt really good in my body. Looking forward to the next class! Hugs
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Everyone cues side bend differently.  But the second you said to make an X with adductors and obliques, I felt a more stable position for pushing the pelvis up.
You can call me whatever you like!  Love your classes - clear, concise instruction and you're just easy to listen to and follow - thanks Amy!
Seated with hands behind and flexing feels amazing on my spinal erectors!! I mix it up as well in my classes.
Lisa B
Loved this class - great variations and challenges. Thank you Amy
Sutthinee S
Thank you Amy. I love this class very much. I had practice at 8am. also. It’s really waking me up.
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What a treat to share a class with Amy! Love your encouraging voice, cues and connections! Such masterful choice of words that truly help one connect and find a felt body sense of the engagements- embodiment as a whole. Thank you for sharing your classes with us Amy - I always look forward to your new videos and class themes! 
Great class! In the beginning with spine mobilization, we were in a squat the whole time. I could barely do the exercise because my quads were shrieking most of the time.
Alexandra M
Love your classes, Amy! Thank you
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