Weight-bearing Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4261

Weight-bearing Mat
Amy Havens
Class 4261

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Hi Amy,
Thanks for class.  
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Hey, there was enough wrist work in this session... you could have called the class, "Wristy Business":)  ~ just a joke.  I loved the class. I hurt my shoulders doing too many pushups a couple of days ago. So this class was therapeutic.. It had lots of shoulder work, but  it helped my sore shoulders. It didn't make them worse.  And that's the beauty of Pilates as Joe originated it and super instructors like Amy continue it... it's both a workout and therapy!  Thanks Again Amy. 
Just what I need. Loved it. Love your exercise pants too! 
Thank you so much Amy!  I love the simplicity of your explanations.  You are my new favorite teacher.  Thank you also for inspiring my zoom class tonight! I also Colorado girl with a dance major, and now Pilates addict and teacher for 20 years.  Blessings to you!
Loved this session, thanks Amy! xx
Katherine R thank you for bringing this to my attention.  I wasn't aware that I was saying "guys" as often as I have been.  Note taken, thank you!
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Jordan R Allison O Jos S Kalli B Lisa B Sutthinee S Catherine M thanks everyone for taking the time to leave your comments for me.  I truly means the world to me!
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Amy V Alexandra M Judy G Gary M Anna H Tammy W Melissa G thank you for taking class with me.. LIVE and here, played back.  So happy you're moving with me everyone!
Lyn G
Hi Amy.. new to your classes  and love the workout... could you please explain what you mean by curly tale  is it neutral or imprinted... it is not a term i am familiar with. Thank you
Thank you Amy for another great class
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