Flow<br>Kira Lamb<br>Class 4273

Kira Lamb
Class 4273

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Love the name of this series! Love those leggings too.
Looking forward to learning more from Kira ;)
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This is one of the best level 2 classical mats I've ever taken.  Kira connects  exhalation, subtle rib action and abdominal initiation into better trunk control during both side lying legs and teaser.  Her cues for inner thigh lift will have you using the most superior adductors instead of yanking your bottom leg up from attachment at the knee.  Just terrifically revealing and useful cues.
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Really enjoyed this whole series and will be doing the classes many more times! Thank you Kira - great cues and detail
Loved this Kira - thanks for the inspiration!!

Hey Kira,  I've done each of your classes at least 3 times!  Each time I hear a different little cue at just the right moment.  I feel so much stronger now and my movement more authentic.   And I agree .. your last class is a classic ;))   More please. 
Thank you Kira,  
I've really enjoyed this series of classes and I feel that my balance has improved. 
I ❤️ your videos, Kira! Your cueing is the best! I did this class yesterday and my abs are sore today! Love that!! I hope you are planning on more videos for PA in the future....
Miri G
Great instructor!!!! Loved every explanation, every cue was on point!!!
Thanks Kira, I have learned a lot and have so enjoyed all your classes.  Hope to see you back one day soon. 
Great workout! I needed your helpful cues to find my deepest core connections! Thank you!
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