Renew<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 4274

Courtney Miller
Class 4274

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Wow i loved that!! Especially the lying abs and leg work. I enjoyed the yoga-ish stretches throughout - felt great!! Thanks, Courtney!
Nicole C
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Favorite class so far! Refreshing, but challenging. Looking forward to the next class. Thank you for this series!
Love your classes but don't have a reformer at home - will there be any mat ones soon? Hope so!
Loved it as always
Loved it!!  
Thank you❤️
Fun variations and creativity. Not much of a warm up so I come to class warmed up! Thanks!
This was just what I needed!  Thank you for this innovative class.  I will be back!
Bobby A
Yay! Great class!
Loved that class - had to finish it despite my schedule time crunch.  Grateful for yoga-Pilates mixes, always.
Debbie Y
creative series! love it :)
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