Renew<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 4274

Courtney Miller
Class 4274

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Yardley C
I too loved the yoga stretches, felt so good.  
Love this class - so creative - and i can adapt lots of these moves for my clients -  Thank you 
I loved the class Courtney.  I wish HEART had more letters.  I will be sad for this series to end. :)

Irene S
love this class!!

I love it !! Thanks !!!
Love it!!! 💗
Thank you Courtney! 
Courtney, you are amazing! I absolutely loved this class!! Thank you for sharing your passion with the pilates world!!
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Thanks for giving us equipment classes!! I was hoping to see some new non mat classes & you saved us!! Love your creative and clear classes thank you!
Wooow!! I so loved the arm work🌻thank you! 
My favorite class yet!
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