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Thank you, Deborah. These somatic awareness classes are a lovely way to start and end my day:)
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I agree with Amy.  I do a class almost everyday of some sort but will now start with a restorative class.  I have osteoporosis and rheumatoid so these classes make me limber for the day. 
I am so glad you enjoy this.  I start my day with some of these too.  I find something new every time and not only do I feel better but it inspires my teaching
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I really like these mindful movements. Thank you!
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Thank you Deborah, I've been experiencing some pain in my hip and this helped release it. My whole body is now at ease after this. I'm going to follow the rest of the series now. 
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Thank you Deborah, some lovely thoughtful ideas which feel good.
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Love the way you teach - so calming and beautifully explained at a great pace. Thank you for sharing your knowledge - greatly assisted my back and hip pain.
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Wonderful Deb! It helped me yesterday made my day so much better! 
 Please Keep sharing!
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This felt so good. I did the knee drops with pelvis on the soft ball. My lower back and pelvis felt so good after that. Did the same with my client and he couldn't stop thanking me. Love it. thanks Deb
You are so welcome, Garreth.  That's good news!
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